DIY Automatic sanitizer Dispenser

DIY Automatic sanitizer Dispenser

Touchless sanitizer Dispenser drops a controlled amount of sanitizer in your hands when you keep your hand in front of it

material list

Infrared sensor

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it is an electronics device which have both emitter and receiver also known as IR sensor

this device has an IR transmitter is a led which emits infrared radiations. and the device also had IR Receiver which detects radiation from IR transmitter IR Receiver is a photodiode which converts this light signal into an electrical signal and this signal is amplified by opamp Ic


when you put the hand in front of the sensor light is reflects which is emitted by led and photodiode receive these light and convert into an electrical signal and this signal is processed by amplifier ic and a signal has come in output form and we use this signal to on and off a relay ( electromagnetic switch) and this relay work as a switch so the motor is on and off

Automatic sanitizer Dispenser

video Automatic sanitizer Dispenser

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