program novaton N76003 IC from Nulink

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Hello, friends welcome to my blog. In this blog, we learn about

how to program novaton N76003 IC from NulinkĀ  programmer

Parts required:
  2. N76003 that we see the pixel controller
  3. The cable which is given
  4. Power supply

Software: Novaton Nu Micro Programming tool 3.00

Steps to be followed:

Step 1 Before opening the novaton software, we will connect the programmer to our laptop or computer with the help of a cable. After that, we will open the software. In the select target chip, we will select 8051 1T Series then click on continue.

Untitled 2

Step 2 After this we see the connect option. As soon as you click on connect, the led in the programmer will start blinking. Having a led blink means that the program starts searching for which IC is.

program novaton N76003 IC from Nulink

Step 3 As soon as you connect the programmer to the controller. In the box, we will see the IC number. There will be some errors shown which will be due to some reasons. Sometimes happens the controller does not work properly due to poor soldering. In that case, we change the controller and use another.


Step 4 After replacing the controller we see that the IC number is shown in box.

Untitled 1.png 1 1

Step 5 Now whatever file is generated from our software, we have to open that file through APROM. Here we select the hex file of 16*32 S bin which we already have.

Untitled 1.png 2 1
1619416718751 1

Step 6 As we are done all things properly then go to settings, we select security lock nothing else will be changed. Then click OK.

1619416718754 1

Step 7 Then go to start, we see that green color line is going on. If this not happened that means there is no proper soldering on your controller and we see the errors coming on the screen. If we have proper soldering on our controller, then our program will be upload successfully.

1619416718735 1

Step 8 Now what we have to do next is to check this controller on the 16*32 board whether we are getting output in it or not.

Step 9 We gave power to the lab bench power supply, 5V supply is already set on this. Then we connect the positive terminal to the positive wire and negative to the negative wire. After that we plug in the controller, we hear some noise because it is loaded. We see that the program is running on the board.


Video - program novaton N76003 IC from Nulink

P6 full-color display using D15 huidu card

P6 full-color display using D15 huidu card

Hello, friends welcome to my blog. In this blog, we learn about P6 full-color display using D15 huidu card D15 card come with different features you upload program through a different medium ( using a mobile app, using Pendrive,or with the help of a laptop ) in this article we learn how we program through an android app you run text, video, gif file and set clock through you android app this controller is made huidu which is a well-known company for making RBG display professional controller

Parts required:

  1. P6 tiles
  2. D15 huidu card controller
  3. Power supplies

Software for P6 full-color display using D15 huidu card

download – App

Wiring :

P6 full-color display using D15 huidu card

Steps to be followed: for P6 full-color display using D15 huidu card

Step1 Download Led Art software from playstore.

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Step 2 Then go to the wi-fi and connect the wi-fi. Name of wi-fi is D15-20-B0398. After that enter the password ie..88888888 then, click on connect. We see that wi-fi is connected.


Step 3 Open the Led Art app. After that create a display. On the screen we see the card name Box Player or you can change the name according to you, then press add button.


Step 4 After that next screen is open. Here you enter screen name according to you ex- Screen 16*16,then set screen width etc. as shown below. What we have in width is in one tile we have 32 matrix which means the width has become 32*30.So we have 4 tiles in length, the width is 32*4=128 and height is 128.Then press OK.


Step 5 Display is shown on the screen. After display shown on screen press the add button. After that we can enter text, images, video etc. so many varieties are available here you can run any of them. For ex- We want to run text ,so what we have to do is we click on text option after that text screen is open. In screen we enter the text which we want to display on the board like Welcome All. In this, we can also run each text with different colours. We can also change the font size of text and so many things. Then press OK.


Step 6 After setting all things according to you ,you can click on send button. The display is like this.


Step 7 If you have to set the background, you have to firstly click on add then click on animated words then go to effect then select effect and press send. If you want to add more effects on this you can program this on computer and feed program through USB.

1619165928848 1

Step 8 If you found that text is not running properly so what you have to do is go to device then hardware then enter password ie..888,then select your perfect IC number. Click on universal module, you should know which is your module. After that select your module then click OK. By doing this your display is running properly.

1619165928850 1

Step 9 Now we run image on the board. Press on add button then go to image, there is a point on side firstly click on that button then click on send button.


Step 10 Now we run the video on the board. Again press on add then go to video then select the video which you want to display then click on send button.


Step 11 Now we run clock on the board. Same step is followed as told above but here we select clock. Here we see that there is a two type of clock .You can select any clock you want to run. Select things what to display in the clock like date, weeks, intervals etc. then press on send.


Step 12 If you want to display name on clock then click on clock then go to settings select title, enter your text the press ok. Move back then press on send button.


Video -P6 full-color display using D15 huidu card

P10 single color (W0) Wi-Fi controller

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Hello, friends welcome to my blog. In this blog, we learn about

P10 single color (W0) Wi-Fi controller

Parts required:

  1. W0 card controller
  2. Power supply 5V
  3. Connectors and FRC
  4. 32*3 P10 led display module-1

Wiring ofP10 single color (W0) Wi-Fi controller

How to use P10 single colour (W0) Wi-Fi controller


download – App

1618995706827 233x300 1
Steps to connect display with Led Art app:

Step 1 Power the controller

Step 2 Download Led Art software from playstore

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Step 3 Firstly turn off the power supply for a sec and then turn on.After go to the wi-fi andconnect the wi-fi.NaMe of wi-fi is W00_1583579807.In case this name is not shown what you have to do is again turn off the supply for a while and the on the supply.With this ,our wi-fi name is going to be a show.After that enter the password ie..88888888 then,click on connect .We see that wi-fi is connected.


Step 4 Open the Led Art app.After that create a display.On the screen we see the card name W00_1583579807,then press add button.


Step 5 After that make the settings,we have 3 tiles .How to calculate 96, the size of matrix of one tile,height has 16 led and in width there is 32 leds.So we have three tiles so how to calculate is 32*3=96.Select width 96 ,height 16 ,device name W series etc you can select accordingly then press OK.


Step 6 Next display is open.Here we enter the text whatever you want to display on the board.Here we see that display is moving very slowly,for this we click on display statics then click on continuous move left then click on send button to check how the text is moving.


Step 7 We see that text is moving fastly,we click on return button then we see the speed option,we set our speed 20.To bold the text click on B.After that click on send button.


Step 8 Now we set the border.Go to border option.According to you, you can select the border whether you want one line border or two line border then click on send .

Step 9 The tile of a lot of people will run upside down so what we have to do is go to device option then hardware then enter the password ie..888.This is called scanning mode.We see the list of P10,click on P10 16*32 then press send.According to you,you can select this.


Step 10 What will I do if I want to drive a clock on it.Go to program after that we will reduce the size of new program we create.Lets run a number before the clock ,go to program,click on plus sign,click on add text.We had a number in the space which we had saved like 12345 then press send.


Step 11 Now we run clock ist delete the number then again go to program then add clock.Here we see two types of clock you can select clock of your choice then click on send.In this way you can run your display.


Video Tutorial – P10 single color (W0) Wi-Fi controller

How to use WF-1 P10 RGB Controller

How to use WF-1 P10 RGB Controller

How to use WF-1 P10 RGB Controller 

Hello friends welcome to my blog in this blog we learn about how to use WF-1 controller by  android app

Parts required :

I used the following parts in this project :
  1. Power supply –
  2. HUIDU HD-WF1  controller –
  3. P10 RGB LED module –

Application software LED Art

 Download  App

Steps to use this controller :

Step 1 – Take RGB board.After that connect the controller to the RGB tile with the help of FRC Cable and then connect board to the power supply with the help of cable .For the supply we have two cables with positive and negative pins which we have to connected on the power supply.It can operate on 5V.

How to use WF-1 P10 RGB Controller

Step 2 Turn off your mobile data then open wi-fi and connect it to your controller. The Wi-Fi name is WF-1 and after that, we enter the password eight times we press 8 then click connect.

 Open the Led Art App on your mobile phone.


Step 3 – After opening the app go to the new program we see some details like controller name, the board size, etc. Without any changes we press OK. After that, we see the text on the screen, whatever changes we want to change like text font, animation, speed of text, etc we can change our accordingly.

screen 1

Then we press send button. We see that text is running on the board. We you found that on board text is not moving properly or text is moving upside down as shown in picture.

1618993896148 1

Step 4 – If this type of problem occurred go to the device then select hardware. After that press three times 8 as a password.

750x750bb 1

Step 5 – A list is open on the screen we can see here the different types of P10. According to the IC number, we can select this. We can search C77 then select it, then proceed. After that, we can see the text is moving properly. Here we can select multicolor text also. In this way, we can use our WF-1 controller.

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