program novaton N76003 IC from Nulink

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how to program novaton N76003 IC from Nulink  programmer

Parts required:
  2. N76003 that we see the pixel controller
  3. The cable which is given
  4. Power supply

Software: Novaton Nu Micro Programming tool 3.00

Steps to be followed:

Step 1 Before opening the novaton software, we will connect the programmer to our laptop or computer with the help of a cable. After that, we will open the software. In the select target chip, we will select 8051 1T Series then click on continue.

Untitled 2

Step 2 After this we see the connect option. As soon as you click on connect, the led in the programmer will start blinking. Having a led blink means that the program starts searching for which IC is.

program novaton N76003 IC from Nulink

Step 3 As soon as you connect the programmer to the controller. In the box, we will see the IC number. There will be some errors shown which will be due to some reasons. Sometimes happens the controller does not work properly due to poor soldering. In that case, we change the controller and use another.


Step 4 After replacing the controller we see that the IC number is shown in box.

Untitled 1.png 1 1

Step 5 Now whatever file is generated from our software, we have to open that file through APROM. Here we select the hex file of 16*32 S bin which we already have.

Untitled 1.png 2 1
1619416718751 1

Step 6 As we are done all things properly then go to settings, we select security lock nothing else will be changed. Then click OK.

1619416718754 1

Step 7 Then go to start, we see that green color line is going on. If this not happened that means there is no proper soldering on your controller and we see the errors coming on the screen. If we have proper soldering on our controller, then our program will be upload successfully.

1619416718735 1

Step 8 Now what we have to do next is to check this controller on the 16*32 board whether we are getting output in it or not.

Step 9 We gave power to the lab bench power supply, 5V supply is already set on this. Then we connect the positive terminal to the positive wire and negative to the negative wire. After that we plug in the controller, we hear some noise because it is loaded. We see that the program is running on the board.


Video - program novaton N76003 IC from Nulink

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