DIY Ambilight for Desktop

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DIY Ambilight for your Desktop

hello, friends welcome to our blogs today we learn how we make our own DIY Ambilight for Desktop It’s a cool project and looks so pretty 

in this project I used WS2812 led strip 93 pieces (you select led to your display size ) 




first, we cut the strip according to our display and stick the backside corner of the display and remember the arrow direction on the strip shows in the same direction

ambiant display wiring

Now connect all led strip with a small wire 

I connect the female connector at the start of the led strip due to the connector I unplug Arduino any time when I need I plug again. the connector has 3 color wire (Red, Green, White )

Red and white is for power supply purpose and Green is for Data 

Arduino code for DIY Ambilight for Desktop

I use Arduino nano if you want to use Arduino Uno code also works I use nano because its size is small.

upload code in Arduino, if you have in ensuring that install, fasted library if all ok your code upload in Arduino in show message of done upload


wiring diagram

Software settings

first, install prismatik software and follow these steps as steps given in the video Tutorialls

Screenshot 12