How to reset huidu controller password


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Problem :

When we buy the display from somewhere with a default password set in it. This password is either set by the company or set by where you buy this.

Before opening the Led Art app we can first open the wi-fi. After open the wi-fi we see an available wi-fi network.We select WF-1e8B162c5807.

After that, we enter the password ie..88888888.This is the default password that is set by the company.

If the password is matched then it is correct or if not matched that’s means there is some error in it.

So we can reset the display by following the below steps.

Steps to be followed to reset the password :

Step 1 Open the back panel of the display. As we see that there is a power supply,3 modules, and a card connected in this panel. Here we can only reset is WF-1 which comes for RGB controller.


Step 2 On the WF-1 controller there is a button given on the controller named “Test Button”.

How to reset huidu controller password

Step 3 Cut off the power to turn off the LED glowing on the controller.

Step 4 Press and hold the test button and turn on the power.

How to reset huidu controller password
How to reset huidu controller password

Step 5 Wait for 20 sec and you will see that the LED will blink faster.

Step 6 Leave the test button after you see the led blinking faster.

Step 7 After this your display will show these dotted lines.

Step 8 Firstly connect your wi-fi. The wi-fi name shown on the screen is WF-1e8B162c5807. After that enter the default password ie..88888888.Now go to the mobile app


Step 9 Feed the text and then press on send button which is given on the top right-most on the screen. But before sending, go to the app settings and add a device on the mobile app.


Step 10 Select the device and then send it. Now you can see that your display is ready.

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How to reset huidu controller password video tutorial

This method is applicable for different types of huidu controller